Child Care Cleaning

When you run a daycare or preschool, nothing matters more than the safety of the children in your care.

We provide a range of child Care cleaning services in and around Melbourne. With extensive experience in providing a range of child care cleaning services we understand the systems involved, which means we know where to look for fingerprints, crumbs and any other surprises that your little guests might leave behind. Children are curious creatures and those hands collect dirt from every possible location. They need to play in a clean environment that meets their parents’ expectations of the standards of hygiene you can provide. Spot-On Professionals will get into every nook and corner to bring the same standards of hygiene that we would use in a hospital, medical centre or aged care facility.

We perform the following child care facility cleaning duties:

  • Dust mopping floors

  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms

  • Infant / toddler rooms

  • Diaper changing areas

  • Sitting rooms & Playrooms

  • Dining areas

  • Furniture fixtures

  • Isolation room and discharge cleaning

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Weekly Cleaning

For weekly cleaning, you can get to assign which day of the week you want your cleaning service to be.

Fortnightly Cleaning

We also provide cleaning every fortnight if it suits your schedule.

Monthly Cleaning

We provide monthly and customized cleaning services for our long term clients.

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