Commercial Window Cleaning

Enhance the professional appearance of your business by maintaining your facility with our expert windows cleaning services.

If you want your windows to shine on your beautiful commercial property, look no further than Spot on professional cleaning services. First, we understand that your property should make a grand first impression to the people you do business with! And secondly, we have the equipment and skill to make this happen! With our 17 years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to make you look good!

Our Residential Cleaning Services Include

  • Interior / Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Storm Window Cleaning
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning

How We Train Our Window Cleaners

All our window cleaning staff goes through Video tutorial and training by our qualified trainer. They need to pass the written test about the training. And then, they get more on-site training with a senior staff member. We provide them ongoing training, so they can complete their cleaning duties with exceeding expectations.

Special Offer

Enjoy 20% off your first clean

Daily Cleaning

A regular cleaning service with minimal disruption. You can rely on Spot On to create the optimum environment for your home and office.

Weekly Cleaning

For weekly cleaning, you can get to assign which day of the week you want your cleaning service to be.

Fortnightly Cleaning

We also provide cleaning every fortnight if it suits your schedule.

Hire our commercial window cleaning experts in Melbourne

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