Window Cleaning

Enjoy a better view of your windows

Whether you’re tackling spring cleaning, preparing for the holidays, or just tired of looking through dirty windows, we can help! We know you don’t want to let just anyone into your house. Our team of friendly, uniformed cleaners have undergone background checks and have been extensively trained to provide the highest quality service. You can trust us to keep your scheduled appointment, stand behind our work, and provide you the best value in window cleaning. Our professional, uniformed window cleaners will only leave behind incredibly clean windows. When you find something good, you often want to share it. That’s been our experience. That’s why our existing customers are one of our biggest referral sources.

Standard Domestic Services Include

  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Flyscreen cleaning
  • Wiping of window sills
  • Removal of cobwebs around windows

Extras/Optional Domestic Services Include

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Cobweb removal from eaves and around house
  • Pressure washing of paths, patios and walls
  • Pest control services

How We Train Our Window Cleaners

All our window cleaning staff goes through Video tutorial and training by our qualified trainer. They need to pass the written test about the training. And then, they get more on-site training with a senior staff member. We provide them ongoing training, so they can complete their cleaning duties with exceeding expectations.

Special Offer

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Daily Cleaning

A regular cleaning service with minimal disruption. You can rely on Spot On to create the optimum environment for your home.

Weekly Cleaning

For weekly cleaning, you can get to assign which day of the week you want your cleaning service to be.

Fortnightly Cleaning

We also provide cleaning every fortnight if it suits your schedule.

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